I enjoyed the lessons because they helped me with lots of reading & writing.

On our Butterfly in-schools programme the children received an average of 17 hours of Butterfly teaching. They did well. On average their reading ages advanced by 10 months according to our study in academic year 2016-2017.

And what did the children think?

On our in-schools programme 86% of children said that their reading had improved because of their Butterfly classes. 88% informed us they enjoyed their Butterfly classes.

 I found the teaching helpful and now I am more prepared for Year 6.

 On our in-school Butterfly programme, over the course of this academic year, the FSM children made the same rate of progress with their reading as the non-FSM children. The EAL pupils outperformed their peers. The EAL children received an average of 16 hours of Butterfly teaching and improved their reading ages by an average of 10 months.

A further analysis of our data also shows that the FSM primary school children outperformed their peers. They achieved an average of almost 10 months advancement in reading age in an average of 16 hours of Butterfly teaching.

Measuring our impact

We measure the impact of our Butterfly classes through one-to-one pre and post testing of each child on the programme. The pre-test gives us an initial reading age from which we are able to place children into classes. Then we post- test the children after x number of hours’ Butterfly teaching. We calculate each child’s reading progress from these pre- and post- testing results. This provides objective evidence of the impact of our Butterfly teaching. It demonstrates the reality of our real action.

Putting children at the heart of our evaluation

We ask children some simple questions at the end of their Butterfly classes for our in-schools programme. This captures their thoughts and feelings about reading and their Butterfly classes.

 I would like more Butterfly classes because I can be proud of myself as I can know more and more.
 In my Butterfly classes I have learnt how to spell harder words, read more fluently and I have learnt new words…I want more Butterfly classes to learn more spellings.
 I want more Butterfly classes because they are fun and you learn more than you’re learning in class.
 I’m better, better and better because of Butterfly!

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