Real Action is very grateful to have so many supporters.

We don’t know what we’d have done without them. They have given us invaluable support, throughout our history.

Our supporters, from grant making to corporate funders and individual donors, together with our volunteers make it possible for us to deliver our work. This has benefited over 4,000 children from disadvantaged backgrounds. They have enabled us to fulfil something fundamental: each child’s Right to Read!

Why fundraise for us

Please help transform the lives of many more disadvantaged children. We believe that NO CHILD, of any background, should be educationally doomed. Our mission is to demonstrate that social and economic disadvantage need not result in educational disadvantage.

Who are you fundraising for?

The children come to us, normally without referrals from schools or other agencies:

  • from deprived socio-economic backgrounds.
  • from a multiplicity of cultures, national origins and home languages.
  • normally by word of mouth; often children bring other children; sometimes children stop us in the street, asking if they can come.
  • on rare occasion, with ‘special needs’ – autism perhaps, or weaknesses associated with dyslexia; or, most commonly, behavioural problems, for which some of our children have already suffered exclusion from school.

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What are you fundraising for?

All donations large and small help to transform the lives of children by giving them the gift of literacy. Just give. We’ll teach them. They’ll learn.

  • £100 will cover the cost of classroom hire for one Saturday
  • £200 will sponsor a child at our Butterfly Saturday reading school for a year
  • £500 will cover the cost of one Butterfly Teacher training session
  • £1,000 will cover monthly cost of our volunteer recruitment, training, and other expenses
  • £5,000 will cover  annual cost of our teaching materials

Some inspirations

I took part in the North London Half Marathon in order to raise funds for Real Action. I ran the race in 1 hour 47 minutes, and raised £500.

Chetak Gandhi (Butterfly volunteer) raised £500.

My good friend Anna (a.k.a. Chullo) and I have decided (stupidly) to climb Kilimanjaro at the end of October to raise money for charity.  My chosen charity is Real Action - an independent, community-led, specialist educational charity.

Emma Aziz (Butterfly volunteer) raised £1000+.

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