English Express: Zero to Intermediate in 20 Weeks

Our unique English Express classes employ the structured, scripted, fast-acting Callan Method to teach ‘English in a quarter of the time’. Students of our daily 2-hour classes get from zero to Intermediate Level in just 20 weeks. No wonder the classes are so popular.

Serving the Needs of a Global City

The demand for these classes, given at the Learning Store, is unending. Our English language students come from every quarter of the globe. They include some of our Butterfly children’s parents, and some of the capital’s hardest workers. Those who work by night turn up for our 8:00 am classes. And those who work by day leave at 10:20 pm after our late class. The more quickly they can master English, the more independent they can be, and the greater their contribution to society. Where needed, some of our English Express students also benefit from our free Fast Track literacy classes.

Social Enterprise: a Virtuous Circle

Crucially for Real Action, the modest fees our English Express students pay help to sustain the charity’s core costs in difficult times, transforming us into a social enterprise.

Find Out More

Please visit the English Express website for further information about class times and prices.