Our work in primary schools started in 2013. With funding from the London Schools Excellence Fund we have been able to work with primary schools across North Westminster, Brent and North Kensington.

Details on LSEF programmes can be found on their website: http://goo.gl/pAzmVi

The Butterfly Reading Programme is delivered by Real Action’s trained Butterfly Practitioners in classes during school time. Pupils are usually withdrawn from their normal classes to attend the Butterfly classes for one hour sessions twice a week. We also provide high quality Butterfly training, consultation, support and advice to teachers. Our objective is to radically raise the literacy attainment levels of the children and to embed Butterfly teaching practices in the schools we work with. For our work in primary schools we use the following books:

  • The Butterfly Book (a synthetic phonics course book)
  • The Butterfly Grammar Book (a structured grammar course book)
  • The Junior Butterfly Reader (a structured course book to develop reading comprehension and vocabulary)

Our services for primary schools are currently free of charge. If you would like further information on our work in primary schools or you would like to discuss the possibility of working with us then please contact us.