“Earlier this year I watched in disbelief as two 12-year-olds in a school in northwest London were taught to read by a troubleshooting squad of teachers, hired from outside and deploying a basic phonics primer.

Nico grappled with the word “monkey”, while his classmate, Grzegorz listened in silence. Somehow this pair of polite and intelligent boys had passed through primary school and arrived at Newman Catholic College in Harlesden without a proper grasp of one of the basic skills needed to cope in life….

…After 30 hours of intensive teaching by the trouble-shooters, who work for the Real Action charity, 12-year-old Grzegorz, who had a reading age of seven in June, has leapt forward two years. He is now reading books intended for nine-year-olds,” writes Sian Griffiths for The Sunday Times on 13th October 2013. Read the full article here or below: