The Tower is at the heart of one of the needy communities in which we run Butterfly Literacy Schools and we have been consoling some of the parents we know. We are mourning the loss of two of our Butterfly pupils.

The Rugby Portobello Centre (home of one of our Butterfly schools) has, since the tragic fire, been used as a refuge and supply centre for victims. And temporarily, we have joined two of our schools together at another venue.

This horrific tragedy – with far reaching consequences, will destabilise affected families for decades. We’re aware of the amazing ‘call to help’ & support from numerous individuals, companies, charities, and authorities from across the breadth of London and the UK. Naturally, we will also continue to directly support victims we know.

Amidst ongoing investigations into the causes of this catastrophic event, and the universal public expressions of shock, dismay, anger etc., it is a time of deepest reflection for all.

We send a heartfelt message of condolence and sympathy to all the victims and affected families, neighbours and friends of the residents of Grenfell Tower.

Katie Ivens (Education Director), Sherry Bent (Chair, Trustees), Roger Diamond (Founder Director)