Education Endowment FoundationThanks to a new partnership between literacy charity Real Action and the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), the Butterfly reading programme, which is celebrated for rapidly improving children’s reading levels, is going to be taught to 400 secondary school children.

Too many children arrive in secondary school unable to read and write properly. Our Butterfly programme is designed to put that right. We are delighted to take part in this exciting initiative.

Katie Ivens, Education Director, Real Action

The programme, called the Butterfly Initiative, will involve university students teaching the Butterfly synthetic phonics method to children who reach secondary school having failed to achieve national benchmarks at age 11. Normally the programme enables children to improve their reading levels by 12 months in just 20 hours’ teaching.  The success of the Butterfly Initiative will be evaluated by the EEF.

The sum of £458,000 has been awarded by the EEF to Real Action.

For further information, please refer to the EEF news release of 23rd November 2012, or contact us at Real Action.