After a very busy 2015, we ended the year with Christmas parties at each of our 3 Butterfly Saturday Schools. Everyone had a great time. Here, Class 1 from our school at Portobello Rugby Trust sing ‘Christmas is Coming':

From another class, two of our creative Butterfly Children, Zayneb and Iman, wrote a delightful Christmas poem. They also performed it at our Christmas Carol Concert at the end of the year. Enjoy!

Zayneb and Iman Poem

The Christmas Tree

We’re going to have a party
Around the Christmas tree,
And light up all the candles
To make the house gleam!

We’re going to have a party,
To celebrate the birth of Christ,
And all that he did for us
To make us pursue our dreams!

We’re going to have a party,
And decorate the Christmas tree,
With fairy lights and tinsel
That will unite our team!

By Zayneb and Iman