I am from Southwark, South-East London and joined Real Action in 2016 whilst studying English Literature at the Queen Mary University of London. Before volunteering at Real Action I had helped my local library encourage children to read, and saw first-hand how happy children were reading the novels they loved!

Subsequently my first visits of Real Action’s Butterfly school in Queen’s Park left a good impression on me, as I could visibly see the children drastically improve their mastery of the English language in a very short amount of time. The actions and efforts of teachers and students translated into dramatic, observable progress, with the Butterfly teaching method working for a diverse array of students each with their own individual challenges to overcome. Learning how to become a part of this charity, learning how to teach and help so many children in need of help – has been an invaluable and unforgettable experience. For me, teaching at Butterfly school has come with the powerful reward of seeing future generations gain self-confidence through literacy.