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Butterfly Volunteers

We have over 70 Volunteers helping run three Real Action Butterfly Saturday Schools. Below are a few of the current volunteers with uploaded photos.

Lauren Rayner (Butterfly teacher)

Lauren Rayner editI am a Queens Park local and work in the travel industry. From a young age, I’ve loved books and expressing my creativity through writing. As an adult, I love reading non-fiction books on a wide variety of subjects and love to feel like I’m always learning something new.

I volunteer with Real Action as I want all children to experience the joy that comes from books, and to help them develop their own writing skills. Good literacy makes a real difference in young people’s lives and I love being a part of that – seeing the children’s excitement when they learn something new is the best reward.

Melodie Nassey (Butterfly teacher)

MelodieI love teaching at the Colville butterfly Saturday school. I find that working with children from all different nationalities and backgrounds is so enriching and fun. I adore seeing the children’s literacy level improve in my class as each Saturday passes. Additionally, I enjoy helping a child overcome any difficulties they have on their journey to literacy.

I work full time in a corporate admin role, so I really look forward to spending Saturday mornings with the kids in my class. Working at the Saturday school has even made me to decide to opt for a career change and eventually become an English teacher.

mantas editMantas Valatka (Finance)

I am from Lithuania and joined Real Action in 2015 as a volunteer finance assistant. I hold a BA (Hons) in Accounting & Finance from the University of West London. I am responsible for the smooth operation of the charity’s financial matters by assisting our finance manager, Dara, in various duties.

I am happy to volunteer for Real Action as I can improve my financial skills and gain such an amazing experience. The fact that the charitable work we do is also beneficial for children, makes me even happier.

prof_melissa cropMelissa Forbes (Butterfly teacher)

I’m from Kingsbury, London. I’m the Office Manager at Anton Page, Farringdon. I graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2014.

Why I Volunteer: I came across this opportunity and could not turn down the chance to visit and learn more. I have a large family and understand/relate to the importance of literacy and the doors it opens for children. The classes are well structured and to get to know the children, along with witnessing ongoing progress is an invaluable experience and a heartwarming start to every weekend!

Katie Mooney (School administrator and Butterfly teacher)

Katie MooneyI am from Northern Ireland and joined Real Action in 2013. Before working at Real Action, I had done many things, from working in PR to being a community fundraiser.  In the past few years, I realised that I wanted to work with children, and so I decided to volunteer with Real Action to gain experience.

As a volunteer, I saw the great work that the charity does and also thought that I could use my fundraising experience to help the charity.  Being able to work for such a local, dedicated charity is a great opportunity and learning experience.

Jerome d’Orchimont (Butterfly Teacher)

Jerome d'OrchimontI grew up in New York where I held summer jobs as a lifeguard and camp counsellor for younger children. After finishing university in Canada at Mcgill University, I was drawn to South Korea for the dual purpose of experiencing a new country and in teaching children. I taught children from 5 to 13 years old for a year, with an average class size of 30 students. Most of the children came from lower income neighbourhoods and had never had an English class before. The program, which was subsidized by the government, was for a single year. I travelled the following year and then returned to New York where I became an Economist. I have enjoyed working in business but do miss the classroom setting and working with children.  It is because of this that I wanted to volunteer in the Butterfly program after being transferred to my firm’s London office. I would be able to use my previous experience as a teacher to help children in London, and at the same time, the program would give me a more complete view of London.

I think the butterfly lessons are run very well. The program creates blocks of knowledge that the children continue to build upon, week after week. The other teachers are all kind but firm with their classes, which maintains focus on the lesson at hand. What I am most excited about is to witness the children progress in their reading levels.