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Our Impact

The impact of our work at Real Action is phenomenal. On average, children’s reading ages improve by over a year in just 20 hours of teaching on the Butterfly programme. But the benefits of our work reach far beyond the classroom, staying with children into adulthood.

Our Impact Report 2014/2015

IMPACT REPORT 2015 FRONT COVERWe now have available our Impact Report for 2014/2015. The report demonstrates that not only do we we transform children’s lives by dramatically improving their reading, we also disprove the theory that children from economic disadvantage are doomed to educational failure.

The report shows how children with the ‘disadvantaged’ labels Special Educational Needs and Free School Meals performed just as well as their peers on our Butterfly Reading Programme. Those with English as an Additional Language outperformed their peers. Download a PDF of the report to find out more about our amazing results.

Previous Study

We had the results of a research study, Learning to Read, Reading to Learn, which demonstrated that we really could change children’s lives. The study indicated that participating in the Butterfly programme made a measurable and lasting difference to children’s educational performance.

For example, compared to similar local children who had not attended the programme, our Butterfly pupils were 90% more likely to achieve Level 4* or higher in both English and Maths at Key Stage 2. Download a PDF of the full report to find out more about these outstanding results.

Case Histories

See what a group of twenty newly recruited children achieved during one term at our model Butterfly Saturday Reading School, and read the stories of some of the individual children whose lives have undergone Butterfly transformations.