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Our Children

An Open Door to Learning

Every child is welcome at our Butterfly Saturday Reading Schools. At each of our three Butterfly Saturday Schools, we have around a hundred pupils in any one term, attending six graded classes of up to fifteen children. The classes are held every Saturday morning in term-time and are taught predominantly by specially trained volunteers. While some children come and go – with up to 250 on roll in any one year – they normally attend regularly, some of them for many years.

At our newly-established Notting Hill Butterfly School, opened in partnership with Colville Primary School, we already have 60 more pupils, and numbers are steadily rising.

Our Children’s Backgrounds

The children come to us, normally without referrals from schools or other agencies:

  • from deprived socio-economic backgrounds
  • from a multiplicity of cultures, national origins and home languages
  • normally by word of mouth; often children bring other children; sometimes children stop us in the street, asking if they can come
  • often with ‘special needs’ – autism perhaps, or weaknesses associated with dyslexia; or, most commonly, behavioural problems, for which some of our children have already suffered exclusion from school

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