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How Butterfly Works

Transforming Children’s Life Chances

When children learn to read with the Butterfly reading programme they are taught in whole classes grouped by reading level. They rise up through the stages with astonishing speed – on average, reading ages improve by over a year in just twenty hours’ Butterfly teaching. (See our children and our teaching for further information).

Synthetic Phonics

Our innovative programme employs The Butterfly Book by Irina Tyk. Using this outstandingly effective, structured approach to teaching ‘synthetic phonics’ we have been transforming children’s opportunities for over fourteen years.

A Scalable Approach

Real Action’s work at the model Butterfly Saturday Reading Schools shows what can be achieved. Children must and can be taught properly. This is not difficult to do – our outstanding programme can be scaled up to help thousands of children. Think what good we could do with more Butterfly schools. Read more about the Butterfly Effect, and take action.