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How Institutions and Philanthropists Can Help Real Action

Our Butterfly reading and Fast Track adult literacy programmes could not have had such a positive impact on so many lives without the support of businesses, trusts, foundations and major individual donors.

Your Assets Can Make an Impact

Aside from the methods of giving outlined on our Donate Now page, there are other ways in which institutional donors and philanthropists can support Real Action.

By offering assets to support our work and to spread the Butterfly Effect you can ensure that your generosity and thought for others really bring about the change that you want to see. You can, for example, help to fund the team who are charged with developing our core programmes.

Become a Butterfly Benefactor

By making the following donations, you or your organisation can make an important and lasting contribution to the Butterfly programme, becoming a Butterfly CLASS BENEFACTOR, PRINCIPAL BENEFACTOR or Butterfly School FOUNDER:

Butterfly CLASS BENEFACTOR – £8.5K per annum for 5 years

Support a class of up to fifteen children. We never know what to call our classes. Your name could provide the answer – and a welcome change from Class One, Class Two etc.

Butterfly PRINCIPAL BENEFACTOR – £25K per annum for 5 years

Make a really BIG donation – and you will make a really BIG difference to the prospects of many children. You or your organisation’s name and/or logo will get the recognition it deserves; it will feature in the school brochure, and in all our publicity.

Butterfly School FOUNDER – £50K per annum for 5 years

Found, and name, your own school, and transform children’s prospects in an area of exceptional educational need. You could give your name to the school, that of your company or foundation, or you could name it after someone you love or admire.

Designing Your Donation

You can also customise your contribution by focussing on a specific area of our work. By choosing to involve yourself with a particular programme (supporting some or all of its costs for one or several years) you will see at first hand the positive effects of your gift.

Corporate Social Responsibility

If your business is seeking to enhance the impact of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, we would be delighted to have the opportunity to explore a partnership with you. This would be aimed at furthering your Corporate Philanthropy and Community Partnership programme. (Read more about our impact).

As visible evidence of your commitment to local communities, our charity can enhance employee engagement and cohesion by offering volunteering, fundraising and charitable giving opportunities. Your commitment to the communities in which your employees live and work will powerfully and directly reflect your company’s values.

Your organisation can fulfil its social responsibility policy by becoming involved with Real Action’s work. This can be done in various ways:

  1. Charitable Donations and Sponsorships – by sponsoring a new school or providing a grant your organisation can invest in the community and foster growth and prosperity.
  2. Working in Partnership with Real Action – by volunteering with Real Action, employees of your organisation can make charitable contributions with their time.
  3. Fundraising on Real Action’s Behalf– by organising events and participating in fundraising activities.

An Invitation to Make a Difference

If you are interested in playing a part in our exciting work and would like to discuss the form your contribution might take, please contact Katie Ivens on 020 8960 2065 or email her at admin@realaction.org.uk.

Aside from financial contributions, we are always delighted to talk to organisations and individuals who may be able to support our work in other ways, be it through their expertise, contacts or other resources. Your help can make a real difference.

We would also like to invite you to visit our projects – let us know when you would like to come. We look forward to hearing from you.